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OO Model

Our version of the « OO » suits the light players. Its small body highlights the mid and high frequencies with a quick response. A light and confortable instrument that sounds big.

Starting from $4400 USD

OM Model

Our version of the Orchestra Model. Combining rich basses and focused highs, the OM is our main model. It has a strong projection, a clear voice and a response that makes it perfect for a variety of music styles.

Starting from $4400 USD

GA Model

Our Grand Auditorium is designed for the fingerpickers and fingerstyle musicians. Its wide body produces a great projection. The balance of the bass, mids and highs makes it a rich and versatile instrument. Available in 7 string version.

Starting from $4400 USD


The ABYSS is our take on the iconic Strat. Light, powerful and articulate: it is the ultimate tool for today's metal player.

Starting from $3000 USD

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